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CIHR - Quebec Respiratory Health
Training Program
The organizational structure
The organizational structure of the program comprises:
  1. a management committee,
  2. an advisory committee,
  3. a recruitment committee,
  4. a follow-up committee,
  5. an evaluating committee and
  6. a coordinator.

1- The management committee. This committee is composed of the designated PI, and the four co-PIs and the coordinator of the Program. This committee meets every four months.
The management committee:

  • decides who is in charge of the various courses,
  • establishes the choice of training activities and schedules and
  • determines the number of bursaries to award.
This committee also resolves any issues related to the functioning of the training program. All other committees refer to the executive committee.

2- The Program Advisory Committee. The committee is composed of :

  • the 3 professors in charge of the courses,
  • a representative of the trainees,
  • the former training program director,
  • a representative from CIHR,
  • a representative from FRQS,
  • a representative from the participating universities and
  • the coordinator.
This committee meets twice a year. Its main role is to determine the content of the training curriculum of the microprogram. This committee will also oversee the training program's progress, make recommendations on future directions and modifications of the courses, and ensure that the program follows the approved rules and to approve the selection criteria of candidates for admission into the program.

3- The Recruitment Committee is led by the nominated PI who is assisted by 4 co-PIs and the coordinator. The primary responsibility of this committee is to attract the best students into the training program. It establishes the best strategies to advertise the program, determine selection criteria that will serve to evaluate candidates and identify the persons who will evaluate the applications to the training program. Lastly this committee will forward the funding decisions to the applicants.

4- The Follow-up Committee involves all 4 co-PIs and the coordinator. This committee will ensure that trainees progress well in their training program. On a yearly basis, the committee will send a questionnaire to former trainees to inquire about the course of their professional career. This committee will also resolve any conflicts that could arise between trainees and their respective mentor.

5- The evaluation committee...(text to come)

6- The Program Coordinator is in charge of the day-to-day operation of the training program. The coordinator sits in all different committees.

The organizational chart

Download the organizational chart (pdf format)
Members of the committees

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