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CIHR - Quebec Respiratory Health
Training Program
Admission to postulate to the Program
To be eligible to postulate to the Program, student must
  • Possess a Baccalaureate/Bachelor's degree, or equivalent, in Health or Natural Sciences (i.e. Biochemistry, Biology, Microbiology). Exceptionally, graduates from other disciplines could be accepted if they have basic training or research experience in the Health Care field.
  • Have achieved a cumulative average of at least 3.00 to 4.33 during his/her undergraduate studies.
  • Be able to read English textbooks and be able to work autonomously on the Internet.
  • Be enrolled full time in one of the 7 universities ( McGill University, Université Laval, Université de Montréal, Université de Sherbrooke, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Université du Québec à Montréal Université Concordia). Students in the process of enrolment are admissible, but will be awarded a bursary only after their enrolment.
  • Have a supervisor who is a regular member of the Respiratory Health Network of the FRQS. More than one student under the same supervisor can apply to the Program, but only one student per supervisor can be awarded a bursary.
  • Work on a topic of research appropriate for the Program and of interest to the Health Respiratory Network of the FRQS.
  • Submitting an application. Six copies of the completed application form and required documents must be submitted to the Admissions Office of the Quebec Training Program in Respiratory Health prior to the deadline.

Conditions for granting the bursary
It is understood that the bursaries awarded to students by the Program are not aimed at supporting their current studies, but rather to allow them to receive an added value to their training. Consequently, the bursaries will be awarded to eligible candidates who meet the following requirements :

The following stipends will be allocated:

Training program bursaries will be awarded for one year only and will be granted only once during the trainee's studies.

A candidate may be admitted to the program without the bursary. However, the source of current funding must be indicated.

With the consent of his/her supervisor and on condition that the work does not interfere with his/her research activities, the grantee is allowed to have a paid employment or another scholarship provided that the total amount of such income does not exceed 50% of the bursary granted by the Program.

Required documents
Provide the following documents with your application:
  1. Candidate application form duly completed.
  2. Research Project: Briefly describe your research project. Justify its relevance with regard to the Program. Highlight the transdisciplinary methodological approaches used for your research project.
  3. Official transcript of grades for the highest diploma obtained by the candidate.
  4. CIHR CV Module of the candidate with the list of publications and communications along with proof of acceptance or submission (papers in preparation are not accepted).
  5. Copies of notifications of grants obtained by the candidate during the last 4 years.
  6. Two sponsor's reports: You must ask 2 sponsors who participated in your training (including your former research supervisor) to fill the sponsor's report. Neither sponsor should be your current or future supervisor. The sponsor's reports must be sent to the candidate in sealed envelopes with the author's signature across the seal, such that the candidate can assemble a complete application package, including these reports. Only these sponsor's reports duly completed as requested will be considered in your application. Letters of recommendation are not accepted. View the report to be completed by the sponsors.
  7. A report from your current research supervisor. Your current supervisor should explain (maximum of one page) why he/she has accepted or agreed to direct your studies. Your current supervisor should also highlight in the report his/her own participation in the activities of the Respiratory Health Network of the FRQS and the Quebec Training Program in Respiratory Health. The report of the current research supervisor must be forwarded to the applicant in a sealed envelope bearing the author's signature on the seal, so that the candidate can prepare a complete application including this report prior to the deadline. View the report to be completed by the current research supervisor.
  8. CIHR CV Module and contributions
N.B. Language: Any document submitted in a language other than French or English must be accompanied by a certified translation.
Application form
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