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CIHR - Quebec Respiratory Health
Training Program
Welcome to the QRHTP web site
Training Program renewal
Dr François Maltais The year 2009 marked a milestone in the history of the CIHR - Quebec Respiratory Health Training Program since it was a year of renewal from the Institutes. Dr François Maltais, professor of medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of Laval University and a world-renowned researcher in COPD will serve as principal applicant for this renewal.

He will be assisted by Dr. Y Berthiaume, professor of medicine at Université de Montréal and in cystic fibrosis and lung injury, and by Dr. Kevin Schwartzman, associate professor of medicine at McGill University and clinical epidemiologist with expertise in tuberculosis. Completing the team are Dr. James Martin, professor of medicine at McGill University, a world-renowned researcher in airway inflammation and asthma, and Dr. Éric Rousseau, professor of physiology at the Université de Sherbrooke, whose research area is airway smooth muscle. The large group of co-applicants includes both senior and junior mentors, ensuring the stability of the program as well as its development and renewal over the coming years.

Publish on: 06-04-2009
A message from Dr. Yvon Cormier, past responsible of the QRHTP
Dr Yvon Cormier Respiratory diseases now represent the third most important burden to the health system in terms of cost, quality of life and mortality. The need for qualified respiratory researchers is increasingly being felt across Canada.

The general objective of our program is to offer graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, residents and other heath professionals a research training that will enable them to become tomorrow's leaders in respiratory health and research.

This site aims to inform you on the Program by providing all relevant information in terms of accession, grants, mentors who are involved and describing in detail the proposed curriculum.

Enjoy your visit!
Dr Yvon Cormier