Quebec Respiratory Health Network

A lever for research in Quebec

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The infrastructures of the RHN

To facilitate the development and successful fulfillment of research projects

Three infrastructures which support research axis projects

Since its inception, the RHN has established three infrastructures for supporting research projects initiated by members and research axis:

The RHN Biobank is a network of research centers that stores tissue samples according to high standards of quality. It enables researchers to benefit from the full scope of a network of banks operating according to established criteria and to increase the possibility of procuring rare samples in certain fields of research. The Biobank contains several thousand samples collected and preserved according to standard operating procedures.

The mandate of the Laboratoire de Télématique Biomédicale is to promote the use of telematics and develop specialized software applications aimed at supporting research activities of the research axis and members of the RHN.

The Ethics Resource Group is mainly focused on ethical considerations that govern the implementation and establishment of research projects. It updates current documentation available to members of the Network regarding ethics, intellectual integrity and intellectual property.

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