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Knowledge Transfer Unit

Dr Louis-Philippe Boulet

In 2008, Dr. Louis-Philippe Boulet was awarded a Research Chair in Knowledge Transfer in respiratory and cardiovascular medicine at Université Laval. The goals of this new Chair are to facilitate the transfer of knowledge acquired from respiratory and cardiovascular research to practitioners, decision makers, and the public, and to foster research in the area of knowledge transfer.

Our training program, in collaboration with this Chair, organized the first symposium on knowledge transfer in March 2008, which attracted 100 participants. In the future, this symposium will be held annually, and all trainees enrolled in our training program will be expected to participate. The content of the symposium will vary from year to year but will always have for objectives to foster the development of skills that will help the trainees to integrate knowledge transfer into the research process.

Another important knowledge translation activity is the joint annual meeting of the Association des Pneumologues du Québec and of the Respiratory Health Network. Trainees present their scientific work to respiratory clinicians and researchers, in poster or oral format. In addition to providing practical experience in scientific communication, this forum also allows trainees to network with peers, potential new collaborators, and potential users of their research findings.

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