Quebec Respiratory Health Network

A lever for research in Quebec

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Laboratoire de Télématique Biomédicale (LTB)

Technology at the service of respiratory health researchers

The mandate of the LTB is to promote the use of telematics and to develop specialized software applications aimed at supporting research projects of research axis and members of the RHN. Located at the Centre de Recherche Clinique of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke, the LTB also provides continued logistical support in the training of research personnel, in ensuring proper maintenance of equipment and in facilitating communications and visibility of the Network. In this regard, it is the LTB which designs, hosts and updates the Network's website. Furthermore, the LTB performs the analysis and provides cost estimates of computer support for project proposals by respiratory health researchers to various funding agencies outside of the FRQS.

In addition to its technical and logistical mission, the LTB also boasts a didactic component. The LTB supervises student-trainees who are directly involved in the development and implementation of new applications in synergy with various research teams. In doing so, the Biomedical Telematics Laboratory actively participates in group dynamics in the field of respiratory health in Quebec.

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