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Respiratory Critical Care

Respiratory Critical Care

When breathing becomes impaired, it is necessary to resort to respiratory assistance in order to provide oxygen to the body and by the same token eliminate carbon dioxide. To achieve this, a cyclical insufflation of a gaseous mixture enriched with varied concentrations of oxygen is provided via a respirator.

There are a wide variety of situations requiring respiratory support, the most frequent being during general anesthesia for a surgical procedure. The requirements for necessary care when such support extends beyond a few hours are many fold: maintaining the airways - respirator interface, adapting respiratory assistance to specific needs, aid or augmented support to coughing, sedation/comfort, nutritional intake.

The "Critical respiratory care" research axis brings together internationally renowned Quebec researchers diligently involved in improving the quality of care associated with respiratory assistance.

Different themes of the research axis

Nouvelles modalités et automatisation de l'assistance respiratoire

Dr. Martin Lessard
Dr. Hervé Walti

Confort et nutrition en soins intensifs

Dr. Yoanna Skrobik
Dr. Macha Bourdages

Affections respiratoires nécessitant une assistance respiratoire

Dr. Olivier Lesur
Dr. France Gauvin