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The Scientific Committee

President of the scientific committee

Dr. Emmanuelle Brochiero

The Scientific Committee is comprised of the heads of the research axis and of the common research tools.

Text from RHN charter

The Scientific Committee is comprised of :

  • The heads of the research axis,
  • The heads of the common research tools : platforms, infrastructures and common research services.

The role of the Scientific Committee is:

  • upon the creation of new projects (research axis, infrastructures, platforms and common research services), to assess their scientific quality, innovative aspect and coherence within the overall framework of activities of the Network,
  • to promote and represent the Network at national and international conferences,
  • to be consulted on specific scientific issues,
  • to make proposals regarding the orientation of research and promotional activities within the Network,
  • to propose criteria for the processing and selection of emerging projects and feasibility studies, startup projects,
  • to approve the appointments of the Deputy Director and members of the Executive Committee proposed by the Director of the Network.

The Scientific Committee appoints its chairman from amongst its members for a period of one year, renewable.

The Scientific Committee convenes 3 times a year.

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